You could be an NPC in the next Unwritten supplement!


Step One: Back Firmament on Kickstarter!

Step Two: Share proof of your pledge on social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram) with the hashtags #Firmament #Cyan and #UnwrittenRPG

Step Three: Wait! If the Firmament Kickstarter is successful, we will randomly draw a name from all the people who shared on social media.

Firmament from Cyan

Fine Print Details:
After a successful Firmament Kickstarter, Inkworks Productions will randomly choose one person to interview as the basis of an Non-Player Character for the Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of MYST and Beyond product line. This person’s name and physical description (within reasonable limits) will appear in the forthcoming supplement “Modern D’ni”. Other details gained during the interview may be included, and may be modified, elaborated upon or changed to fit the needs of the supplement. The interviewee will receive a free copy of the supplement upon publication. No further promises are made by Inkworks, and this promotion is independent of Cyan, Inc.