Unwritten Project Update- May

Author: D'ni Admin  /  Category: Announcements & News, Developer Notes

Over the last few weeks, we have been getting high-level developer feedback from Leonard Balsera (Fate God and D’ni fan) on the Unwritten manuscript. This input has been absolutely invaluable to us, giving us some new insights and ideas, and pointing out things we need to polish. It has shown us that while Unwritten is both true to the Myst franchise, and a good, playble game as it stands, we could do better.

Unwritten as a ‘good’ game isn’t good enough for us. We want (and we hope you want, as well) Unwritten to be a great game, one that really captures the feel and depth of the D’niverse, with fresh, dynamic game mechanics that support our three key concepts- Exploration, Discovery & Accomplishment.

In looking at where we are now, and what we want to accomplish, we’ve realized we are going to need to take several more months to focus on development, writing and playtesting. Doing so will make absolutely sure we’re giving you the best game we possibly can. Timeline-wise, this means we are looking at going to print in August, rather than May. It is a delay, but we feel it is a delay that can only have positive results.

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