What many of our most brilliant physicists have long suspected is, in fact, true: beyond our universe, there are limitless others in mind-boggling variety. But humanity never realized that the secret to those worlds was beneath its feet.

For ten millennia, the D’ni lived in great caverns, ignoring the savages on the surface. Using their linking books, they built an empire that spanned dimensions. Its glory was ended abruptly a few centuries ago, and their city has stood empty. Until now.

Small groups of humanity have discovered the secret of the Deep City. Some have come to explore, and others have come to exploit. Some have been called to D’ni by a feeling they can’t describe, and try to make it their home. Others look out to the Ages, the universes suddenly open to them, and see opportunity and hope. And there are those among the Ages who are not happy that D’ni has begun to breathe again.

The D’ni civilization is no more. But the ending has not been written.


At long last, the world of Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of MYST and Beyond is poised to grow with the new Unwritten: Modern D’ni sourcebook. Dig deeper into the post-Rediscovery era of the Deep City of the D’ni, and the explorers who have made their home in the Cavern and out in the Ages. New worlds to explore, new groups to encounter, new explorers to befriend (or avoid!) await!

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Myst was the best-selling video game of the 20th century; it spawned four sequels, a spin-off series, three novels and an MMORPG- Myst Online: Uru Live. But few realize that behind the game is a rich multiverse, filled with history and possibility.

“With a laser sharp focus on discovery and exploration, with a side dish of social intrigue, Unwritten fills a niche that many games probably never realized existed.”

Jason. H, DTRPG Review

Unwritten brings the surreal worlds of Myst and Uru to tabletop role-playing. Using the popular FATE gaming engine, Unwritten gives players the chance to delve into the depths of D’ni’s troubled past, influence the future of the D’ni, and explore or even create new Ages. The D’niverse has room for any of the stories you want to tell. YOUR story is Unwritten.

“…a nearly-perfect book, giving a great run-down on a non-combat FATE, and doing great justice to the setting without overloading you. As a non-Myst guy before this book, I really grokked everything from it without any headaches… I was not a Myst fan before this. I am now, 100%. Even if you don’t care about Myst in the least, this is an excellent guide to running an investigation-, exploration-, and politics-heavy FATE game.”

neurophaser, RPGNet post
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