Unwritten Update- December

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Happy Chrisolstkwanzakkuah everyone! We are neck deep in layout currently, plugging in art, sorting out bits and bobs; and we are very optimistic we can order our proof copy by the end of the year.  This means that, barring need to make any major changes, we’ll be able to order print copies early next year! Wahoo! Once the book is proofed, printed and sent to us, we’ll sign the copies that need signed, and start shipping. Because we chose to do two seperate shippings of swag and books, the book will be shipped out in waves, one set each month. If the sneaky back end thing Eleri has planned works, each wave will be notified when their books are shipped. crosses fingers

What comes after all the Kickstarter book rewards have been shipped? The softcover & PDF/ebook versions of Unwritten will hit DriveThruRPG and be available to the general public. The supplimental pdfs should be available to backers by April 1, and on DTRPG soon after that. We’ are considering making those available as pay PoD books, as well. We’ll be sending out review copies of the PDF as soon as it is done, so if you have a favorite RPG blog, podcast or website you’d like to see review Unwritten, please let us know!

On a tangent, we started watching The Librarians tonight, the tv series based on The Librarian movie trilogy. This show, like the recently ended Warehouse 13, is a great source of inspiration for Unwritten campaigns. While the Librarians and the Warehouse Agents are a bit more likely to be rough-and-tumble than your average D’ni Explorer, and there’s no magical artifacts to be found in Unwritten, there’s a strong emphasis in both shows on solving unusual puzzles and decoding infomation, exploring unusual places, and fussing with strange objects. Soak up the inspiration!

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