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Unwritten at Mysterium 2023!

Unwritten at Mysterium 2023!

With Mysterium returning to Spokane, WA this year, We’re hosting a few events!

Unwritten Live Action Role Playing

This year, we’re testing out some new mechanics and rules for Unwritten, using a LARP setting. If you don’t know what a LARP is; it’s taking a tabletop role playing game and making the action live- often in costume, with props and activities. We’re taking a page from URU for this- you will be playing *you*.

When a group of fans get a private message while at Mysterium, they find themselves investigating strange goings on… all while trying to keep the rest of the con from finding out that something could be terribly, terribly wrong…

There will be a sign up sheet with space for up to 6 players, a 1 hour (ish) character creation & planning session, and then you’re off on an adventure!

Blind Date With A Book

What could be more mysterious than a book when you don’t know where it will lead? The concept of blind date books is pretty simple: you wrap a book up in paper, write some clues to the content of the book on the paper, and trade for another wrapped book.

But we’re Myst Nerds, so we’re obviously going to D’ni it up…

  • Bring 1-3 NEW OR GENTLY USED books. They DO NOT have to be directly Cyan related (or we’ll have 512 copies of BoA), but they should be widely Cyan-adjacent. Mysterious worlds! Sibling betrayal! Space Pinecones! Annoyingly complex puzzles! Archaeology! Strange beasties! Fallen Civilizations! Could you see Gehn cozying up with his pipe reading it? Maybe Yeesha stuck it in her backpack when she first explored D’ni? What *does* Zandi read when he’s done with that quantum physics book? Fiction or non, it’s up to you!
  • Wrap them so that the book itself can’t be seen.
  • Decorate that wrap in a Myst/Dni/Obducton/Firmament inspired way.
  • Put clues to the content of the book on the wrap. For example, for a certain book I might write:
    • Siblings aren’t always what they seem to be
    • Portals have rules
    • What happens when the adventure is over?
    • LGBTQ+ representation
  • We do request that any books with clothes-off intimacy be clearly labeled “NSFW”.

We’ll have a table in the con space to put your books, and browse through the offerings. The only major rules are NO PEEKING and IF YOU UNWRAP IT, IT’S YOURS.

More Unwritten!

  • Curator will be running demos and showing off gear all weekend!
  • There’ll be at least one round of “How to Make an Unwritten Character”
  • If you don’t already own Unwritten, there will be a special bundle available for purchase.
Unwritten is now part of Cyan!

Unwritten is now part of Cyan!

When we first approached Cyan in 2013 for permission to write a tabletop RPG based on their IP, We were humbled, honored and not a little terrified by their approval, and we’ve done our best to live up to Cyan’s high quality of worldbuilding and product development.

Now, we are once again honored to share news- Cyan Ventures has purchased Unwritten for their own. Inkworks will continue to be the primary developers, with Cyan at the helm of publication.

It is our sincere hope that this will lead to new possibilities for the Unwritten universe!

Read the Press Release here