Goodies for our Kickstarter Backers

What is Fate?

Fate is a tabletop role-playing game engine developed by the geniuses at Evil Hat Productions. Fate is a descendant of the Fudge role-playing engine and available under the Open Gaming License. Unwritten is based off of Fate 3rd edition, which is the basis for award-winning role-playing games like Spirit of the Century and the Dresden Files Roleplaying Game, and Fate Core, the recently released revision of the system.


Is Unwritten the “official” Myst/Uru/D’ni roleplaying game?

No. Unwritten is produced by an independent game company who’s founders love the Myst and Uru franchises as well as the RPG genre.  IWP has a licencing agreement with Cyan Worlds;  however, they are not involved in its production.


I don’t remember/never played Myst. Do I have to play in order to play Unwritten?

No. While we encourage people to play Myst and its sequels because they are great games, you don’t have to have played Myst or know anything about the Myst universe to play Unwritten. Unwritten will have all you need to play. However, if you want to learn more, think about playing the games, reading the novels or search the Internet for the fan-sites.


Is Unwritten ‘canon’ for the D’ni universe?

No. Canon for the D’niverse comes from Cyan Worlds only. However, while we are not official, it is our intent to be definitive. We intend to remain as true as possible to D’niverse history & lore.


 Where and when is Unwritten set in the D’niverse?

The default setting for Unwritten is the modern day, a few years after the events of Myst Online: Uru Live. However, the game will provide advice on how to play in multiple eras in D’ni history, as well as out among the Ages and ‘crossover’ games.


Will there be a Kickstarter?

We had a successful Kickstarter in Oct 2013