Just Another Mushroom Farm

Just Another Mushroom Farm

Age Written By: MoonHunter

Theme: Nothing Happens Here

Very Quiet Place
Classically D’ni
Rabid D’Ni Reincarnationsts
Secret Settlement

The age is one of your basic food production ones. There was a thriving community here, with a beautiful town/ city in the center of the underground complex. There is a lot of luminous blue moss here, so it is easy to navigate and get around. The Mushrooms are quite abundant.

You will be checking out this book, just to check out… yet another boring agro age. That is until a group of people lasso you so you can’t reach your realto.

You might remember Carter, who was one of the more interesting people in the city. He was one of the crazies, going on about how “We are the New D’Ni” and “The Old Souls are among us!”. He left a while back and you haven’t seen him.

Well, now you know what happened. He and some of his fellow reincarnationists came here to “become D’ni”. They are speaking the language (with the occasional English borrow word) and get upset if they have to speak English again. They can’t have anyone knowing they are here. The DRC might stop them or make them return to Earth. (Yes, they have become a bit paranoid in their isolation.) So you are now their prisoners. They are hoping the spirit will eventually move you and you will join them.