Sounds in the Greens

Sounds in the Greens

Age Written by: MoonHunter

Theme: Unforseen complications in the pursuit of beauty

Most beautiful giant Dragonflies
Abnormally High Oxygen levels

The linking book brings you to a wide open glade with a small standing stone (where there is a linking book back to D’Ni bound to it). In this buzzing glade you can see hundreds of the dragonflies, darting and hunting. They are nearly 16″ long and wide with the wings. (44cms). There are streams than trickled into and around the glade into the larger fern like “trees”. There are dozens of ponds in the glade, all full with pretty aquatic plants.

The age was designed to create a home for these pefect dragonflies (so one can look at their beauty and harvest their wings for various artistic projects).

However, one can hear sounds other than the buzzing of wings off into distance… in the deeper darker fern like trees.

Giant Insects cohabitated with giant lizards – dinosaurs. In making a world with deep greens, warmth, and oxygen, it promoted a world perfect for giant thunder lizards.

Most of the time the Glade is undisturbed. From time to time, a dinosaur similar but different from the ones that inhabited Earth’s ancient past, will pass through… snacking on/ stepping on unwary mammals who don’t reach their realto books fast enough. If you head out into the green world surrounding, you will encounter more dinosaurs and other giant insects (Beetles that look like dung beetles or more like the Carbon Beetles, various others). If you are fast and careful, it can be a beautiful place to explore and visit. If you are not, you will discover that the pursuit of beauty can be dangerous.

The oxygen level can lead to a strong sense of euphoria in most people. Some visit just for that. One advantage of this high oxygen world is that you can run farther and with less fatigue (from the various rawrrs) without needed to rest or “catch your breath”. This fact has probably saved more than one person through the times.

Oh someone might do something stupid like start a fire (just flick a lighter even). They will discover what this high oxygen count means to an open flame.