Totsahno Temahl

Totsahno Temahl

Age Written By: Eleri

Theme: Sounds of the Heavens


A Mountain of Secrets
Don’t Mess with the Gods

This Age was Written by a Guild Master, who was also an accomplished and innovative musician. The D’ni area of the Age is centered around a large mountain, that was written to have unique and manipulateable acoustic and musical properties:
~ Wind blows though holes and natural pipes, replicating woodwind and brass instrument sounds.
~ Rain and running water along rocks, channels and areas with thin membranes create chimes and percussion.
~ Geothermal vents create low thrumming sounds or whistles
~ Various valves, handles, tubes, etc are scattered throughout the cavernous mountain, in order to change and tune the sounds.
~ Natural passages funnel all these sounds into a giant natural cavern at the base of the mountain, which the D’ni made into a elaborate amphitheater. Beautiful archways and columns lead from the link point to the ‘concert hall’ area.

At the time of the Fall, the Writer and his family fled to this Age, thinking that they would be secure in their nearby cottage, but they had already contracted the plague, and died in their home.

Many years after, a nomadic tribe discovered the “singing mountain” and decided it must be the voice of the Gods. They live nearby, and an entire religion has grown around interpreting the sounds of the mountain.