Author: Scott Hamilton

Unwritten project update – March

Unwritten project update – March

What’s Going on with X ? 

The manuscript has another editing pass to go before it will be available to Beta backers. This version includes five sample Ages designed by our Guild of Writers level backers, intro fiction by Ryan Miller, and a first look at our map of Ae’gura. It’s clocking in at over 100,000 words… If you are a Beta backer and you don’t have access to the Beta forums on our site, please message us privately with your forum username and we will make sure you get access.

The first stretch goal of a short story by Hugo award winning SF writer David D. Levine is complete and in editing/layout. It will be distributed as a simple PDF and as an ebook.

Our supplement books are in design right now. We have no solid time line on those yet, although our target is that they become available for download soon after the book goes to print.

Shipping Dates for the Books

We are slipping our ship date to late May/early June. We have had some opportunities come up to really fine tune the manuscript and make it as solid as possible. In order to take advantage of those, we’ll need some added time before we go to print. The delay is frustrating (for you and us!) but we promise the it is for a good cause!