Happy 2016! State of the Unwritten Address

Happy 2016! State of the Unwritten Address

2015 has been one heck of a year! We got physical books out to backers with only a few tumbles along the way & we released the book and two mini-supplements to the public. Including our backers, there’s now 2400+ copies of Unwritten out in the world! Pretty impressive for a small, very indie publisher!

In 2016 we’ll be focusing on a few things:

Unwritten will be available for sale at the Indie Game Developer Network booth. As of right now, we don’t know if Scott and/or I will be attending. If any of you are going to GenCon, and would be interested in running an Unwritten game, please contact us

We’ll also be submitting Unwritten for ENnie award (http://www.ennie-awards.com/) consideration, which is both exciting and scary! You can help build awareness for Unwritten by:
1) Writing a review or rating the game! This is especially helpful on
We aslo love reviews on blogs, podcasts, personal pages, whatever! If you write a review, please share the link with us, so we can share it on the Unwritten page.
2) Run a game at your Favorite Local Gaming Spot, give game store owners our email (team@unwrittenrpg.com).
3) Talk to people about Unwritten! We’ve found that there is a whole lot of enthusiasm for Unwritten, once people know it exists- people remember Myst, and are excited to hear that there’s a tabletop RPG way for them to play in the universe.

As we got into the writing of the supplements, we found we were really unsatisfied with them as simple stat books, and with the outline we’d built to present those stats. So, being detailed D’nerd writers, we overhauled. While this does mean that release of the supplements will take longer than originally stated, we think the wait will be worth it for a more comprehensive, detailed resource.

Supplement PDFs will be sent to backers as they are finished, then made available on DTRPG for a small cost. Once all the pdfs have been released our intention is to also compile them into a softcover volume to match the print Unwritten book.

We’ve had many requests for Quick Start Guides and Demo Game packets, for people who want to run an Unwritten game at conventions or events. So this is something we’ll be building and making available for download on the website & DTRPG.

We’ve seen some pretty amazing Ages come out of Unwritten games, and we want to share them with everyone! On our website (www.unwrittenrpg.com) in the coming months we’ll be building a Great Library of our own, where we’ll showcase some of the magnificent worlds Unwritten players have visited.

The Unwritten forum was a great tool during the beta test period, but it is pretty much unused at this point. We encourage everyone to join us on G+ and Facebook  for chatting with the team, talking with other players, putting together games & generally hanging out.

One of the survey questions we asked our backers was if they wanted their copy autographed. Unfortunately, because of the way books were shipped directly to backers, we weren’t able to sign any. Instead, we’ve designed a bookplate that we’ll autograph. We’re looking into the best way to have these printed, and then they’ll be available to everyone for a small postage cost.

We’re looking forward to what 2016 has in store for Unwritten, and we thank you all for your encouragement, enthusiasm, feedback & support!

~Scott & Eleri

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