Mid 2016 News

Mid 2016 News


For the first year of Unwritten’s life, we’ve had the pdf as “Pay What You Want”, and the softcover at $20. While this has been lovely ‘exposure’ (and the artists and freelancers among you know how fraught that word can be…), we’ve consistently gotten the feedback (and sales notices) that this is very undervalued for the product, especially now that the baseline print standard (and with it, costs) has gone up. So, beginning July 15, the Unwritten PDF will be $10, and the softcover $25. This is still well in line with industry standards for similar products, while remaining affordable.

Supplements & Demo Module

Are behind, and we know it. There’s a laundry list of reasons why there are delays, from the semi-serious, to the just flaky. There’s not really any point in trying to spell them all out and make excuses- we just need to push forwards and get them done. Scott is taking over several areas of writing, I’m focusing on outlines and data. We promised them to you, and you will get them.

Swag and Goodies

The Unwritten Colouring Book: Just because. Featuring some of our favorite pieces of original art from the book, and some that haven’t made it into the wild yet. Available as a pdf from our website for $5 on July 15

Unwritten On Redbubble:
Ae’gura Map: Available as a poster in 3 sizes, and as a spiral bound notebook. Cover the poster in contact paper and you’ve got a write-on map for your adventures! Now available
Unwritten Age Journals: Featuring some of the Ages from our Guild of Writers backer level, these hardbound journals can be ordered with blank, lined or graphed pages. Coming July 15.

The Great Library

Our website now features Ages written by fans of Unwritten, and shared with their permission. If you’d like to submit an Age for consideration, there’s a form for that, too! http://www.unwrittenrpg.com/the-great-library

Transitioning from Kickstarter notifications

News and PR in the future will be posted on our website, social media, and mailing list. Contact through Kickstarter will be limited to delivering supplements to backers, and any other needed backer-only information. Sign up for the mailing list on our main page; we will never share, sell, or otherwise spam your inbox.


Cyan’s new game arrives on July 26, and we can’t wait!! Complex, seemingly abandoned worlds; unclear motivations and meanings; exploration and deep thinking?!? Yes, please.


The annual social gathering of Myst & D’ni fans approaches; this year in Salt Lake City, August 5-7

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