60 hours to go on the FateCore kickstarter

60 hours to go on the FateCore kickstarter

As I mentioned before, Unwritten uses the FateCore system as the basis for its RPG rules. About two months ago, the evil geniuses at Evil Hat started a Kickstarter for FateCore, asking for $3000. Right now, that Kickstarter is at over $350,000. Yes, they have exceeded their goal by over 10,000%.

As they have met and exceeded their goal, they have added additional rewards for higher amounts in the form of mini-supplements in the form of setting expansions, extra rules supplements, fiction and more. If you pledge $10, you get an electronic copy of the game AND electronic copies of all of these expansions as they are complete, for a total of over TWENTY ADDITIONAL products. That’s right, for $10, you get 20+ gaming resources written by some great authors, including John Rogers, head writer of the TV show Leverage. Here’s the list:

  • The Fate System Toolkit, including: The Magic System Toolkit and other extras toolboxes.
  • The Fate Worlds expansion collections, including: Tower of the Serpent, Kriegszeppelin Valkyrie, Wild Blue, Court/Ship, Burn Shift, Fight Fire, No Exit, The Ellis Affair, CrimeWorld, White Picket Witches, Timeworks, and Camelot Trigger.
  • The following full products once created and published: Shadow of the Century, Deck of Fate print & play, Do: Fate of the Flying Temple, the Fate Freeport Companion, the Young Centurions RPG, The Day After Ragnarok Fate edition, the Sally Slick and the Steel Syndicate novel, and Strange Tales of the Century.

And if you want physical copies, you can pledge a bit more.

This is the community that Unwritten will be a part of. And you still have a chance to be a part of this kickstarter. There are 60 hours to go. Check the link, pledge a little, get a lot.

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