More updates to come!

More updates to come!

Hello my friends.

I wanted to take a few minutes to talk to all of you out there about where we are in the production of Unwritten. We are strongly committed to making Unwritten a top notch RPG product. We want it to both capture the spirit of the Myst franchise as well as open up new vistas for adventures and experiences in D’ni. In that light, we’ve been trying out a lot of different options and variations of the Fate system, and even more so now that the FateCore version of the Fate game has been made available to supporters of the FateCore kickstarter.

So, we have been grinding away in terms of designing and redesigning the basic game, as well as engaging in alpha playtests of various mechanics. None of that is in a final form, but we continue to design, discuss and refine. I will be posting more often as we start to bring together the disparate elements together in more tangible forms. I hope to give you more insight into the philosophy behind Unwritten and how it develops.


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